About us

INOS-1 OOD is an engineering company organized in 1993 experienced in the field of civil engineering and ambitious to satisfy the increasing requirements of its clients from Bulgaria and abroad for professionalism and excellent performance, thus being a really needed partner today – with its skills and capabilities, with its various work force, with its achievements and future development and improvement in all applicable areas that are key to decisions full from economical point of view.

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The scope of our services covers design of low and high buildings and performance of all types of construction works at such sites – structure, architecture, water supply and sewerage, water and thermal insulations, fire protection, HVAC, electrical, supply and install furniture and equipment, construct renewable energy sources facilities, transmission lines, sub-stations and other electrical facilities; water sector projects – treatment plants for both potable and waste water; enterprising; perform repair works in Bulgaria and abroad; manufacture PVC and Al framing.

Having its highly experienced employees, INOS-1 OOD holds the necessary resources to completely perform construction works of all types and complexity. Particularly, an evidence of the high level of trust is the freedom given to the highly experienced experts and the respect thereto from the managing director and its associates. This is motivated by their high level of qualification and contribution to the company’s success.

The increasing competition results in higher and higher clients’ expectations towards quality. Therefore, INOS-1 OOD’s strategy for future development is to constantly improve quality and to satisfy to higher level both the clients and the shareholders and the staff.

Another aim of the company is to maintain its competitiveness and good economical ratios by increasing the profitability of its business.

One of the tasks of INOS-1 OOD is to expand its markets inside Bulgaria and beyond thus increasing company’s staff and number of construction sites. This will create opportunity for modern technologies transfer.

The company’s marketing strategy is to adopt the construction works to the clients’ needs and assessment and to do this better than the competitors, based on the sovereignty of the client and its maximal welfare. We achieve this by means of a complex of marketing research, constant analysis and control of clients’ needs, market expansion, copmany’s advertisement.

Due to its financial power, the creative capacities and reliability of its management the company has built an image of a correct partner which the clients’ interests are a priority for.

The main features of our company are: contemporary management, construction works performance within schedule and with high quality, price control, complex coordination of construction processes, correct relationships with clients. INOS-1 OOD offers to its clients absolute safety and security from the moment of the first contact to the hand-over of the finished project.

The company’s main clients are: Ministry of Transport – Air Traffic Services Authority; Ministry of Regional Development and Urbanization; Ministry of Justice; Ministry of Health – Transfusion Hematology Center; Ministry of Defense; State Agency for National Security; National Health Insurance Fund; Kaliakra Wind Power AD; Sofia Municipality  – Sredets district and Krasno selo district; “Pazari Vazrazhdane”EAD; Sofia Airport Center AD /Tishmann Internaltional/; Securities and Stock Exchange Committee; International Water Limited; Sofiyska Voda AD; Bulgarian National Bank; Union Miniere Pirdop MED AD; Scania Bulgaria EOOD; TZUM AD; Regent European Properties; Walter Bau AG; Amoco Bulgaria OOD; Wrigley Bulgaria EOOD; Private investors

Our company’s policy is to assure stable business relations with the suppliers of materials and services and to be well acquainted with the market of these suppliers, as well as to employ top-rank consultants in the field of civil engineering to solve any technical problems in the construction process.

Today the name of INOS-1 OOD is synonym for a reliable, stable and respected partner with excellent reputation – with other words, the right company to be addressed for the development and completion of investment projects and infrastructure.