Air Traffic Services Authorities control center at Sofia Airport – Phase 1

Employer: General directorate “Air Traffic Control”
Project starts: 4 July 1997
Project ends: 30 Aug 1998

Description of activities:

This is the biggest air traffic control center at the Balkan Peninsula. It is a project of national and international significance and has been financed by the European Investment Bank. The building has been designed to sustain to seismic activity of IXth degree of MSK and due to its uniqueness it is with higher level of anti-seismic security.

Built-up area 36,000 m2.

Performed excavation and earth works - 150 000 m3, formwork, specialized hydro insulations including: underground acid-resistant hydro insulations – area 20 000 m2, completed with Polyelast – manufacturer Borner, Germany. Before laying the hydro insulation coat Bokoplast is laid and afterwards the two-layer insulation Polyelast is installed using multi-head gas burners, each layer 5 mm thick; roof hydro insulations Polyelast – manufacturer Borner, Germany, each layer 5 mm thick, under which the thermal insulation by mineral wool is installed  – area approximately 10 000 m2, reinforcement - 1 793 t, concrete works - 22 000 m3; water supply, sewerage and drainage; supply, manufacture, install, lay anti-corrosion and fire protection to steel structure - 2400 t.

The project has been completed for 13 months.

Financing Institution: European Investment Bank

Air Traffic Services Air Traffic Control Center - Phase 1 Authorities